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  • Breakfast Television, City TV

  • Geraldo at Large, Fox News

  • Good Morning Canada, CTV

  • The Morning Show, Global

  • The Inside Story with Avery Haines, Global

  • Charles Adler, Sun News

  • The Arena, Sun News

  • Doctor in the House, Slice

  • The Mom Show, Slice

  • Daytime. Rogers

  • TeenzTalk, Rogers

  • Trending York Region, Rogers

  • "Let's Just Do This", Cogeco TV


  • The Body Image Survival Guide for Parents: Helping Toddlers, Tweens and Teens Thrive.  Author (Indies Finalist - Self-Help)

  • Editorial Advisory Board Member for Optimyze Fitness Magazine

  • The Huffington Post

  • The National Post

  • Desecret News, Utah

  • Can-Fit_Pro Magazine

  • Medical Nightmares, Susan B. McIver

  • The Richmond Hill Liberal

  • The Vaughan Citizen

  • Today’s Parent Magazine

  • Parents Canada Magazine

  • Redefining Girly, author Melissa Wardy (Quoted)

  • Her Next Chapter, authors Lori Day and Charlotte Kugler (Quoted)

  • Baystate Magazine - Massachusetts


Check out the long list of appearances Marci has done. 

The Body Image Survival Guide For Parents


  • The Examiner

  • Women You Should Know

  • The Beacon

  • Help! We’ve got kids

  • Girl Body Pride

  • Yummy Mummy Club

  • Achilles Effect

  • Pigtail Pals, Ballcap Buddies

  • HealthyJournal


  • AMotherWorld

  • NaturallySavvy

  • Toronto Mom Now

  • Eating Disorders of York Region

  • Words to Sweat By

  • Women's Fitness

  • Better Over 50

  • Orange Naturals


  • Naturally Savvy Radio, SIRIUS Radio

  • Addiction in America, U.S.

  • Boomer and the Babe. U.S.

  • Living Healthy, U.S.

  • Louis B Free Radio, U.S.

  • Marriage Today Radio, U.S.

  • A Matter of Balance, U.S.

  • Rick and Suzanne, CJAD Montreal

  • Mike Chalut, PROUD-FM

  • Real Parenting, CFAX

  • Mental Health Matters, RTDS

  • Women’s Movement Radio network

  • Chelsea Krost Radio Show, U.S.

  • The 180 - CBC Radio, Canada-wide

  • Dr. Zoe Show, Los Angeles

  • The Nourished Podcast

  • "Let It Out"with Katie Dalebout, N

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